Without Malice

Yoinked from Patheos Without Malice:

The resurrection stories presented in the gospels are simply not to be believed. If you examine the gospels themselves you’ll find the writers going into a lot of detail about events that have little if anything to do with our so-called salvation. In Mark, for example, Jesus rambles on and on about eunuchs, eunuchs for god’s sake. Yet the event of the resurrection, upon which the salvation of the entire world depends, is a story as threadbare as a beggar’s garments. And it’s the same in all the other gospels as well, although not to such a great extent. This makes no sense at all, neither does it make any sense that Jesus would supposedly preach and do miracles before thousands – providing a free lunch for ten thousand one day, and for five thousand the next – just to show that he is indeed the messiah, but when he returns from the grave in total glorious victory over death and hell and all that stuff, he runs away and hides out with his homeboys in Galilee. Anyone with half a brain would rightfully ask, “What the hell is going on here. How come he didn’t show himself to those who doubted, to those who crucified him? Why the hell didn’t he march right into Jerusalem and show his glorious self to the high priest and to Pilate?” There is no good answer for any of these questions, and not even a good answer for why they had to borrow the story of Romulus appearing to friends on the road to Rome after his own resurrection event and turn it into the Emmaus Road encounter. None of these stories sound real, they all sound like ad-hoc fictional narratives.


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