An ode to Janet…

Open your eyes
So I can understand
The true meaning of brown….

Close your eyes so
I can ask you to open your eyes
once more.


Palestine’s Island Paradise….

An excerpt from the map’s creator:

The Bible contains at least two stories equating the aquatic with the amoral. As Red Sea pedestrians, Moses and the Israelites didn’t even get their sandals moist, while the Lord did some expert smiting on the pursuing Egyptians, by way of the gurgling waters closing in on them. And a few thousand years earlier, Noah kept his binary boatload afloat while all the rest of humanity (and the now extinct species of the animal kingdom) met their watery grave.


Nothing can be Everything….

… and Everything can be Nothing.



Washington Report…

I just love doing this magazine. For one thing, it allows me to get out of the house every so often, which in turn helps me work on my people skills, if you know what I mean.

Also, it’s nice to be able to stay up on what’s happening in the Middle East, the current cauldron causing all sorts of catastrophes. When will we ever learn? Perhaps that is the purpose of human life. And since we haven’t learned yet, perhaps purpose is something that is unachievable. Therein lies the rub.

Why do I keep going back to having no purpose has its purpose? There might just be something to it.



Facts & Theories…

There are several examples of having the facts without knowing the entire process that are accepted as true today. One example of not understanding the process but knowing the process is fact is photosynthesis, that is a plant’s ability to make sugar. We can see the carbon dioxide and the water go into the plant, we can trace those compounds to the chloroplasts and we can measure the sugar that comes out, but we have no idea of how it happened. Yet, photosynthesis is a fact. Another example is gravity. We know that gravity is the attraction of all matter. We do not know why. We have some theories about gravitational attraction, but none are proven. Yet the effects of gravity are measurable and predictable. Gravity is a fact of nature. We do not claim gravity is a theory just because we do not know how it works. There are several measurable natural phenomena that we can predict and use for human benefit, but the how and why may not clearly be known.

Evolution is one of those natural facts.


Great Law & Order line….

Question: What side of the stem cell fence do you come down on?

Answer: If God created man in his image, maybe we’ve all just degenerated from whatever it is floating around in that petri dish…. Come on, I’ll buy you a drink.


Things that make you go, hmmmmm…..

A person can do anything they want, they just can’t do everything they want.



Happy Mother’s Day…

Mom’s really are the best. I don’t think life (as we know it) would be possible without them.

If you don’t do anything else meaningful in your life, hug a Mom today.


Independence Day…

I guess my days of being driven around have come to an end.

I got my driver’s license back today. It’s been a loooong six months. Just ask Janet.


You live around the neck of our woods…

I found this gem today, written on the back of a business card in my wallet.

I just know it must have come from the lips of my sweet Juanita.

I also knew I had to share it.


Gold Cup eve…

Looking forward to my first Gold Cup experience.

Janet even bought me something nice to wear. I only get dressed up for weddings and funerals and now Gold Cups. Well, I guess I did wear something nice to my 30-year High School Reunion. Don’t know what it is, but I have never liked dressing up, until now.

Janet is going to wear a hat.

Did I mention I am looking forward to this?



OK, I just took the plunge.

I guess if you are logged into Facebook you can use this link.

I know this does not bode well for humanity.

I am trying to think of someone or something that may forgive me. Any ideas?


H1N1 flu?

I should have never eaten that half-eaten bag of Doritos I found in the dugout Sunday.

What was I thinking?

I’m hoping it’s just your garden variety flu I’ve come down with but you never know…..

No amount of singing Happy Birthday to me while washing my hands seems to help. Oh well, tomorrow is another day and I know I can’t possibly feel as bad then as I did today. At least I hope (not pray) so. 😉


The Universe…

I don’t want the universe to be the way religion wants it to be.

I enjoy being a part of the unknown and (hopefully) unknowable.

Can you imagine what life would be like if there was nothing to learn or left to explore? I love the fact that every day I can learn something new or unlearn something old.

It’s not like I need things to have a purpose, unlike some of my Theist/Deist friends and family.

Having no purpose has it’s purpose. 😉


Pollen overload…

I guess it’s true what they say: “Allergies can be developed at any point in time.”

Well, it seems as though my time has come. For allergy suffering, that is.

Perhaps this is what caused Friedrich Nietzsche to come up with his famous “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” quote.



Fleeting existence.

You can’t have existence without it being fleeting. Hmmmm…. Maybe this is redundant and not an oxymoron.

I will have to think about this thought a bit more.

Okay, I thought it about some more…. I have come to the conclusion that “fleeting existence” is redundant in nature. Otherwise the term nonexistence would have no meaning.

It’s a good thing my existence is fleeting, otherwise I might have too much time to reflect and become a basket case. 🙂


Happiness is an attitude…

Free yourself from mystic hallucinations and secret codes. Create a dialog with yourself to give you choices in life. Accept responsibility for your behavior. Happiness is a product of your own mental attitude, your own efforts and what you do with what you have.


Not bad…

The other day I wrote “Not bad is better than pretty good.”

Now this one may be more accurate:

“Not good is better than pretty bad.”



Remember that?

Opening for the Rolling Stones at the Los Angeles Coliseum, a short, skinny black musician named Prince—wearing only bikini briefs—is forced to leave the stage when the overwhelmingly white audience begins throwing garbage on him.

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