Size versus time

Ralph: The weight could be worth it.
Janet: The weight should be worth it.


Coulda versus Shoulda

Ralph: The wait could be worth it.
Janet: The wait should be worth it.


Beard and Pirate



Babble – on – Again

In response to a Positive Energy meme

Alma Hammond Jeffers I think the truth needs to start spending time on the wrong people so they will become the right people!


Ralph-Uwe Scherer Therein lies the rub.

While said truth is spending time with the “wrong” people what will become of the “right” people. I mean, “the” truth can’t be in both places at once, can it? 😕

Richard Meyers Bartender? Hey, yeah, I’d LOVE a big cup of black coffee if you’ve got a sec…


Ralph-Uwe Scherer <babble>I think we all may have different “truths” in need of acceptance. And while we all accept these “truths” at different times, I was simply referring to “the” truth, which I believe is much harder to swallow.

There is a thick thin line between “the” truth and the “truth” and the “right” and “wrong” people.</babble>See More

Alma Hammond Jeffers Ok that’s enough. You win Ralph! Lol

Ralph-Uwe Scherer I’m not sure I want to “win” this debate on what constitutes Positive Energy.

I think the “truth” might just have a better chance of being “the” truth coming from the “losing” side.

Also, sometimes Negative Energy is what it takes to get to the good stuff.

I “promise” not to say another word….. Lol


Babble-on Again

If when you start determines when you finish does that mean not starting means never finishing? They say you should always finish what you start. I like to start what they finished.


Negative > Positive

Sometimes it takes negative energy to get to the good stuff. —R-U.S.


What Price Attention?

The price one must pay for paying attention can never be too high. Or is the price one must pay for not paying attention not high enough? After further babbling I believe there is a thin line between the price being too high and the price being too low when it comes to paying and not paying attention. I guess it all depends on what one is paying attention to? 🙂


Where’s Lucifer?



Always remember that one man’s pundit is another man’s ignoramus and vice versa. Too many of today’s premises are being surmised out of existence by those who don’t understand the premises while at the same time too many of today’s surmises are being premised into existence by those who don’t understand the surmises.


Discretion being…

Discretion today helps tomorrow’s misconceptions remain uncommon.


An in progress babble….

I would rather be happy with being unhappy than trying to be happy with being unhappy.

Or trying to be happy with something I don’t know. In other words, being happy with a known has the potential be be far less stressful than being unhappy with an unknown. And in even other words, a man has to know his limitations. 🙂


These days


Just a thought


Truth versus non-Truth

Why is it so easy to disguise the truth as a lie and so hard to disguise a lie as the truth? Or is there a difference?

There is a thin line between disguising the truth as a lie and disguising the lie as a truth.


The Edge Revisited


Timing is everything

We should all be blessed with a timely demise. —R-U.S.


Graham Greene

I find myself always torn between two beliefs: the belief that life should be better than it is and the belief that when it appears better it is really worse.


Monday morning epiphany

I think I would rather side with those who are less right than with those who couldn’t be more wrong.


Facebook Gleaning 11

Reason is the greatest enemy that faith has: it never comes to the aid of spiritual things, but – more frequently than not – struggles against the Divine Word….
Reason must be deluded, blinded, and destroyed. Faith must trample underfoot all reason, sense, and understanding, and whatever it sees must be put out of sight and … know nothing but the word of God.
– Martin Luther

What harm would it do, if a man told a good strong lie for the sake of the good and for the Christian church … a lie out of necessity, a useful lie, a helpful lie, such lies would not be against God, he would accept them.
– Martin Luther

And just to show nothing in Christianity has really changed:

And the spirit of curiosity is not a good spirit. It is the spirit of dispersion, of distancing oneself from God, the spirit of talking too much. And Jesus also tells us something interesting: this spirit of curiosity, which is worldly, leads us to confusion.
– Pope Francis

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.
– Thomas Paine


I can get behind this sentiment

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