To help you see better…

You are gonna need a microfying glass. 🙂


And the wind cries Mary…

Will the wind ever remember
The names it has blown in the past
And with his crutch, it’s old age, and it’s wisdom
It whispers no, this will be the last
And the wind cries Mary


Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

Yeah, ain’t but one thing to do
Spend my nat’ral life with you,
You’re the finest dog I knew, so fine.
When you’re old and your eyes are dim,
There ain’t no old Shep gonna happen again,
We’ll still go walking down country lanes,
I’ll sing the same old songs,
Hear me call your name.♫♪♫


Janet is wise between her ears…

“I don’t poop every day unless I take that shit.”


“I really don’t do want to go inside.”


Happy Mother’s Day, Mom & Happy Birthday, Dad

I am looking forward to a large family gathering here at the house to celebrate. Family time is the best! I don’t care what anyone says.


Janetism for today

Well that’s not gonna help us if she’s not there to help us.


Found on blog

OK – what are the ingredients of any so-called religion? Any different from a “cosmology” or world view?

Dogmas = Givens

Doctrine = Teachings

Morality = Mores

Faith = In ______ we trust

Religious Fundamentals = Basic or Core Values

Rituals abound in everyday life with or without religion.

Inspiration – Inspiration



It’s been awhile…

Another Janetism, or two:

“It just doesn’t make any sense if that makes sense.”

Oh really? And another thing:

“That’s the problem: the cups you’re drinking throw everything off.”


What’s up with that?

There are more people in the United States who cannot read than who doubt the existence of Yahweh.




There is no model-independent test of reality. -S.H.


Was hast du gesagt?

Not bad is not very good.


Fortune cookie extraordinaire.

The usefulness of a cup is in its emptiness.


Question to Consider

Is there any difference between maturity and sanctification? Can there be one without the other?


It’s your thing.

Do what you wanna do. I can’t tell you who to sock it to.

I’m not trying to run your life,
I know you wanna do what’s right,
Ah, give your love girl, do whatever you choose,
How can you lose, with the stuff you use?


Just a thought

If there’s a way to lose it, I will find it. 😉


Just a Thought

Mother Nature: She gave us a mirror, she gave us a map.


Acts of God: Why Lightning Strikes Religious Symbols


Acts of God: Why Lightning Strikes Religious Symbols


Memories of Jessica

“i don’t think there are “points” where anything happens. it’s more gradual. we tend to only notice the parts when change accelerates. every moment is defined by the collection of moments before it. i think we try to break down life too much. we’ve calculated time down to the second, down to hundredths of seconds, even smaller. we’ve analyzed our bodies down into cells, atoms, electrons and protons and neutrons. but when it comes down to it, doesn’t there have to be something smaller? and doesn’t there have to be something bigger? i mean, infinity can’t be the biggest.

sometimes i think that it doesn’t even matter. sometimes i think that we get so caught up in defining every little thing and searching for solidified answers that we miss out on a lot of too much. and the argument to that is: we have to search for answers somewhere; we have to learn about something. and i don’t think there are wrong things to search for or to find. i mean, sometimes i smack myself for writing about love so much. love can’t be broken down into atoms and cells and concrete things. even if it is chemicals, it’s different stimulants for each person. as for right or wrong, some say that every tiny piece of existence has its purpose and its place. but that question can only be answered by each individual. and it’s okay to find wrong things. use your judgment to find where those wrong pieces belong. just because a puzzle piece doesn’t fit where you’re looking doesn’t mean it doesn’t have somewhere it belongs. there are other slots, there are other puzzles. or just because one half fits, doesn’t mean you have everything figured out.

anything’s possible. i’d like to think that there are limits and impossibilities to a small extent. i’m unsure of the connections between the heart and the head and what’s physically able to happen. maybe i’m dreaming beyond what’s capable by the heart. maybe i’m just writing a lot of scenes from a movie. movies are all imagination, and that’s why the situations go beyond logical thought in our lives. i guess that someday, somewhere far down the line, something will fall faster than gravity should allow it to. i can’t even say that all i know is what’s in front of me, because it’s not. somewhere, tomorrow, a record of some sort will be broken, whether or not it’s important to science and the human existence.

change is evident, and that’s why it’s okay to accept the fact that there are some things that are unsolvable right now in this moment. we just have to decide which things are worth looking for and solving. i think we’re obsessed with asking questions to try to figure things out. but there are things to be excited about and things to be confused about. and sometimes those confusions are okay how they are. for our sanity’s sake, we have to stop trying to define everything at some point. because it’s all about perspective, and we need to realize others see it differently. the pieces and parts may be the same, but they can be arranged in various ways. or we can change one part. replacing the end of a rake with the head of an axe changes a tool into a weapon. we get obsessed with things that are single-handedly controllable because it’s damn near impossible to have control over everything. there are too many outside influences. and who knows where fate fits into that. from left to right, from me to you, everything’s at a different angle. we can feel overwhelmed in this world when at certain angles, standing as one in a world of six billion. but our minds are expansive, extravagant, and can encompass lengths and widths beyond our comprehension. still, there are intricacies in everything, and if you can break the human soul into millions of muscles and theories and emotions, i can divide an axe into the same.

also, i’m leaving soon. day after my birthday.
i’ll be writing in my notebook/my mind.”

Jessica Randall


Just a Thought

Not knowing everything creates possibilities. In fact, is anything possible if you know everything?


Point to ponder

It is easy to disguise cowardice as forbearance.

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