Internet gleaning No. 1111

I’m looking forward to Comey’s testimony… FBI’m sure that when you Comey through all the facts there are many treasons to be suspicious! Trump’s lawyers have a tough Ukase on their hands because there’s no question that Trump, Kushner, Page and other Trump associates are in a big Cossack of t-Ruble. I won’t Minsk words… while everyone is saying “vodka hell is going on here,” Trump OKGB-ed Comrade Flynn to stay on as National Security Advisor for eighteen days after Acting Attorney General Sally Yates went Andropov-ed information that Flynn was compromised. The Trump campaign had several undisclosed contacts with the Russians… the entire administration should have to Kopeck and re-apply for their security clearances. Why?? Cosmonaut sure if they can be trusted! I don’t want to beluga the point about how bad this looks for Trump… but when push comes to Gorbachev this explains why that Prikaz such low approval numbers when you Sergay Americans. Trump even OKayGB-ed the Russian state-run media to attend a private meeting in the Oval Office while excluding reporters from the US… that’s a steaming pile of Bolshevik!! Trump is dis-Putin the Russian connections as a “hoax” and dismisses the possibility that (with help from the Russkies) he Stoli US election… he feels that too many people are Russian to judgment. Right Lenin media like Russia Limbaugh, Atilla the Hunnity and The Brietbart Ministry of Propaganda still think he’s the crème de la Kremlin and take the TASS-k of defending Trump very seriously. Trump says that USSR all getting borsht with the negative “fake news” stories (that’s why he’s sending so many czarcastic tweets). Still, there are way too many black Marx on the new administration… I believe that Trump should quit Stalin the investigation and stop his whiny Crimea river attitude. Trump thinks that the world Moscow-er over his every word… I’m Tsar-ry,but if Ukraine your neck and start paying attention you’ll see that Trump has accomplished nothing nyet. 

The people who have a Lada-dee-da attitude make me want to sputnik-up my lunch (sorry if that sounds too Volga). I scream and Yeltsin so much about all this and I’ve really had Smirnoff of this crap… and I would love to perestroika up a conversation with Ms. Yates and Mr. Comey over a Glasnost of cold Siberia!

To those people still supporting Trump… I think Ural a bunch of idiots and I would Lavrov for you to Kislyak my buttski. I know I can be a Silovik goose sometimes and if you think my puns are Sochi-eezy…oh well, So-vi-et


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