Size versus time

Ralph: The weight could be worth it.
Janet: The weight should be worth it.


Coulda versus Shoulda

Ralph: The wait could be worth it.
Janet: The wait should be worth it.


Beard and Pirate



Babble – on – Again

Alma Hammond Jeffers I think the truth needs to start spending time on the wrong people so they will become the right people!


Ralph-Uwe Scherer Therein lies the rub.

While said truth is spending time with the β€œwrong” people what will become of the β€œright” people. I mean, “the” truth can’t be in both places at once, can it? πŸ˜•

Richard Meyers Bartender? Hey, yeah, I’d LOVE a big cup of black coffee if you’ve got a sec…


Ralph-Uwe Scherer <babble>I think we all may have different “truths” in need of acceptance. And while we all accept these “truths” at different times, I was simply referring to “the” truth, which I believe is much harder to swallow.

There is a thick thin line between “the” truth and the “truth” and the “right” and “wrong” people.</babble>See More

Alma Hammond Jeffers Ok that’s enough. You win Ralph! Lol
Ralph-Uwe Scherer I’m not sure I want to “win” this debate on what constitutes Positive Energy.

I think the “truth” might just have a better chance of being “the” truth coming from the “losing” side.

Also, sometimes Negative Energy is what it takes to get to the good stuff.

I “promise” not to say another word….. Lol


Babble-on Again

If when you start determines when you finish does that mean not starting means never finishing? They say you should always finish what you start. I like to start what they finished.