What’s a yeah, but?

There is a fine line between burdens and blessings.



It takes give-and-take to stay in the moment.


All good things must come to an end

R.I.P. Rich Freeman. The Amaretto was great while it lasted.


Can’t argue with that….

“Ralph, I am so proud of the father you were and the grandfather you have become.”


Babble in progress

When she wants it she needs it and when she needs it she wants it.

Not necessarily in that order.


Cutting corners

The sharper you cut your corners, the quicker you’ll get out of the box you might be in. 🙂


Jumps of Faith

Perfect timing sometimes requires jumps of faith.

Babble in progress.

Perfect timing requires bold action?

Still babbling…..

A leap of faith is nothing more than bold action.

A leap of faith can always be nothing more than bold action whereas bold action can never be something less than a leap of faith.