Red letter day

Eva Marie Scherer swam without her floaties today. Way to really do it, Eva!



Two sides of the same coin

Trump & Clinton are two sides of the same coin. There is a fine line between things not getting any worse and things not getting any better. 😉


Ronald Reagan explains

Aug. 19, 1981.

Ed Meese sees no need to wake President Reagan just to tell him the Navy has shot down two Libyan jets. Defending Meese’s decision, Reagan explains, “If our planes are shot down, yes, they’d wake me up right away. If the other fellows were shot down, why wake me up?”


I Miss George Carlin 6

We use up words like “spiritual” so fast in this culture. Twenty years ago “spiritual” had a distinct meaning. But now there’s a lot of jack-off thinkers who just love to talk about the spiritual. And there is a lot of bogus – is “bogosity” a word? It should be – a lot of bogosity in these spiritual seekers. So you have to find another way to express it. I just call it “how I fit”. —G.C.