R.I.P. Tante Irma

Here’s to disguise-less blessings.


It’s your funeral… enjoy it while you’re still alive.™

The present is simply a combination of the past and the future. If staying in the present is the key to happiness then the key is figuring out that combination. —R.U.S.


Random Thought(s)

There is a fine line between being anxious and being depressed and that line is the present.


With all the billions being spent on research by Big Pharma these days, couldn’t they come up with a near death experience pill? I think it would change the world but the Catholic Church would probably be its biggest opponent. :-/


Generally speaking…

There is a fine line between making sure our children have an opportunity and giving them opportunities. I say dare your children to do better than you.


What’s up with that?



Deep or shallow?

Enlightenment is not for the unenlightened. 🙂

Put it on my tombstone sans the :-).