Skewed Skepticism

If philosophy teaches us anything (and it doesn’t) it’s that all things are both true and false. —D.P.

I am the Walrus.


On the eve of Election 2012

In every century the human society has parasites that generate reasons why we should allow them to continue to exploit us.

1. If you force me to work instead of running this temple, you will never reach the land of the dead.

2. If you don’t allow me to rule this country as G*d wishes it, the system will collapse.

3. If you don’t let me run this church, I will not be able to tell you G*d’s will.

4. If you don’t let me sell these carcinogens, my company will not have the money to find cures for cancer.

5. If you don’t allow me to pollute this river, I will move these jobs to China.

And now in the presidential campaign 2012:

If you change the system that made me rich, you won’t be able to get rich yourself.

Well at least those who built the temples created something worth looking at.

Thanks Kroll!! Godspeed to you and yours. 🙂