True happiness is being an unwitting sower of jealousy. 🙂


Facebook stuff

Ralph Scherer lost the track of his mind there for a sec. 🙂

Ken Ryder
You’ll find it Admiral Angle.

Ralph Scherer
It’s just that I don’t know which story is true. The one they told you or the one they didn’t tell me. 🙂

Ralph Scherer
And who is they, exactly? Someone needs to do an exposé on who they is/are. 🙂
50 minutes ago ·

John Knouff
When that happens, make sure to check under the couch cushions. It sometimes will find its way there.
38 minutes ago ·

Ralph Scherer
Doh! New Web site search engine: find what you need at www.underthecouchcushions.com. Google needs some competition. 🙂
2 minutes ago ·



Maybe nothing we do now will matter in a thousand years, but IF SO, then it also would seem that nothing that will matter in a thousand years makes a difference now, either. In particular, it doesn’t make a difference now that in a thousand years, what we do now won’t matter. –JAP