Doxastic Openness

DOXASTIC OPENNESS “If you are a person of the same sort as myself, I should be glad to continue questioning you: If not, I can let it drop. Of what sort am I? One of those who would be glad to be refuted if I say anything untrue, and glad to refute anyone else who might speak untruly; but just as glad, mind you, to be refuted as to refute, since I regard the former as the greater benefit.” —Socrates in Gorgias


Apart from that

There is a thin line between being a part of it and being apart from it.



If hindsight is 20-20 does that mean foresight is 40-40 or 0-0? 🙂


Funny anecdote

We were at BJ’s last night having a few biers with friends. The local Catholic priest, who shall remain nameless, was eating a pizza at the bar. I thought the pizza looked delicious from where I was sitting. I asked the bartender to order me what the priest was having.

That pizza was amazing! Maybe the best pizza ever. Upon the completion of our meal I decided to go talk to the Father…..

That’s when Janet stopped me dead in my tracks, saying: “Don’t do it, honey. Let him go in peace.”



Choir preaching

There has always been too much choir preaching. How else to explain the gridlock in almost every human endeavor?


This and that

If this is this, what is that? That would be this. 🙂


Let’s not and say we did

Agreeing to disagree is less healthy than disagreeing to agree. Or, to put a more positive (less negative) spin on it, disagreeing to agree is healthier than agreeing to disagree. —R-U.S.


Protected: Hen-pecked?

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If there are exceptions to every rule there must be rules to every exception.



Just a thought

“For a man to be a true believer and to be strong and independent is impossible; religion and self-sufficiency are contradictory terms.”

—Dr. Albert Ellis, “Case Against Religion: A Psychotherapist’s View and the Case Against Religiosity,” 1980.


Welcome Ralph-Uwe Nathanael Scherer

I am not worthy. Or am I? That is the question. 🙂


I Miss George Carlin 7

Some people have no idea what they’re doing, and a lot of them are really good at it. —G.C.


In reference to In vitro…

His click is tocking. 🙂


Just an observation

If only my observations would change maybe my thoughts would change, too. —R-U.S.


It’s complicated.

It’s hard to know where the truth lies and wherein lies the truth.


Rush Rules

We’re only immortal for a limited time. –Dreamline


Clean up after yourself

The key to cleaning up after yourself is retracing your steps. 😉


Empty is better than full

Keeping one another empty has probably led us to more happiness than keeping one another full ever could. 😉


I’m just saying

Southwest to northeast is a 180. 🙂


Red letter day

Eva Marie Scherer swam without her floaties today. Way to really do it, Eva!



Two sides of the same coin

Trump & Clinton are two sides of the same coin. There is a fine line between things not getting any worse and things not getting any better. 😉

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